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HTML Introduction
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HTML Introduction

A Simple HTML Document


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>

<h1>My First Heading</h1>
<p>My first paragraph.</p>


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- Postby Anson S. at >>
2019-01-28 06:41:20

1. Freelancer on the internet. You can work from home (or at home) in front of your computer! Write texts, sell pictures, schedule, help themes, enter data, engage in an online call center; are just a few examples. Find on this site numerous other opportunities to work on the net.

2. Meditations. If you have a little pedagogical talent, you can get nice money from teaching private lessons or even from specialized schools; if you are less knowledgeable about less popular topics or areas, you are more likely to gain more.

3. Cleaning. Good money can be drawn from cleaning services for private homes or institutions; it is better to work alone or with some friends, big companies in the field pay their employees badly and pay high taxes to the state. The best way is in this case the direct approach of companies and people who think you could respond positively.

4. Dummy on shows and films. This option is available especially for those in big cities, but it is possible to have such opportunities in other areas of the country. Film lovers and TV viewers are paid per hour; are not very large amounts, but it is a very simple work (if it can be called work) that anyone can do.

- Postby GrahamMa at >>
2019-01-28 06:50:39
Another way how to make money as a student in college at university is to sell odds and ends on net.
If you have many items in your home (or your parents) that you no longer need but are in good shape and could be marketed, they use online portals to get some money; you can try and sell on eBay, but here is only worth it if you have something of value (art objects, antiques, etc.).
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